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What We Do

We are an Australian based phone system and support team, specialising in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Our aim is to provide businesses with complete convenience and reliability through our hosted phone systems. Our hardworking and dedicated team will ensure you receive the very best out of your system, right through from installation to after-care services. Migrating your system to the cloud allows you to experience a range of additional features, and our hardworking and dedicated team are focused on ensuring you receive the very best out of the system. From installation, to training in using your additional features and our ongoing support services, we are here for the full ride. Our commitment to providing great service means that we also support customisation of our features to suit your individual business needs.

Included Features

Shared Phonebook

Sync your address book with your phone system to always be sure who is calling. For organisation and simplicity.

Call Recording

Record all phone calls by default or use the option to record individual calls. Keep track of your client interactions and maintain high quality service.

VoiceMail to Email

Have your voicemails sent as emails directly to any of your devices, at any time to ensure you are always on track.

Calling Plans

Choose from a wide range of flexible calling plans to best suit your business needs, or be completely reassured with our unlimited calling plan.

Flexible Options

We understand that every business is different, so you can feel comforted that we can customise our features to suit your business needs.

Phone Syncing

Sync your mobile and your office phone to ring simultaneously so you never miss a call again.

Fax to Email

Our system provides fax to email capabilities, making converting your documents a breeze.

NBN Compatible

Feel comfortable making the switch to NBN whenever you need to, without even having to change your phone number.

Ongoing Support

We provide support along every step of the way, allowing you to always feel confident with your phone system.